Forging Lubricants
We manufacture Graphite based & Graphite Free; Wet & Dry Lubricants for Hot & Cold Forging – of Steel / Aluminium / Yellow Metals
Mould Coatings for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Processes
Solvent based & Aqueous Mould coatings for all grades of Iron & Steel – Graphite / Zircon / Magnesite / Aluminium Silicate Based
Die Release Agents for Aluminium Pressure Die Casting
Water & Oil based Release agents for Aluminium-Pressure Die Casting processes available in ready for use or concentrate forms.
High Temperature Applications
Release & protective coatings for high temperature, high pressure environments. For furnaces, engine parts, coils & gaskets.
Covering & Refining Fluxes
Covering, degassing & refining fluxes for Brass, Copper & Aluminium.