Ceramic fiber Papers

Ceramic fiber Papers are manufactured from high purity refractory fibres and designed for high temperature insulation. Advanced production techniques ensure uniform fibre distribution and close control of thickness and density.
Ceramic Fiber paper consists primarily of high purity alumnio-silicate fiber and is manufactured through a fiber washing process. This process produces a non-woven matrix blend of the fibers, binders, and additives to form randomly oriented fibers that are flexible, uniform, and lightweight.

Standard sizes: 500 mm width X 1000 mm length
1000 mm width X 1000 mm length and Standard Roll

Classification temperature:
STD Paper : 1260 ° C
AZS Paper : 1425 ° C

TYPE: Refractory ceramic fibre Paper

*Insulating gaskets
* Expansion joints
* Die cut gaskets for domestic appliances
* Gaskets , seals & parting media
* Ladle lining back up
* Mould liners
* Thermal barrier for vehicles(Silencers, catalytic exhaust and heat shields)
* Parting media
* Heat loss reduction in sub entry nozzle

* High flexibility
* Good resistance to tearing
* Precise thickness
* Resistance to thermal shock
* Very low thermal conductivity