Avikem is a leading manufacturer of high temperature Ceramic wool for various industry applications. It’s being promoted by experienced technocrats, who is well established in the field of manufacturing injection molding products.

Avikem Ceramic Fibre Products are manufactured from alumina silica materials with the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, high temperature stability, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance,


Avikem ceramic fiber products exhibit thermal stability at temperatures up to 1260C (2300F),providing an excellent insulation at high temperature, they also can resist corrosive chemicals( general acids or alkalis ), they are good substitutes for asbestos products in many industrial insulation and heat insulation sealing applications. Avikem Ceramic Fibre products are your best choice competing other brands such as Fiberfrax® or Kaowool® ceramic fibre products, lower price and super quality.

Avikem Ceramic Fibre Insulation Products include a wide ranges materials with both advantages of both low heat storage and complete resistance to thermal shock which provide solutions for variety of heat processing applications.

Typical applications

  • Infrared panels and ovens, industrial furnaces, boiler insulation linings.
  • Investment casting mold wrappings, High temperature gasket
  • Atmosphere furnace linings, Expansion joint seals
  • Industrial high temperature pipe insulation
  • Furnace insulation, seals, building lining, maintenance and repairs
  • Removable insulating fireproof blankets for field stress relieving welds, Reusable insulation for steam and gas turbines
  • Pressure and cryogenic vessel fire protection, Field steam generator insulation lining, Nuclear insulation applications, High temperature filtration
  • Annealing cover seals, Incineration equipment and stack linings, Glass furnace crown insulation materials