product Description


Avikem has brought an excellent range of bulk fibers. Our each fiber has unique set of properties. We have a bulk fiber range that is available on the basis of different compositions, fiber length and diameter. We are widespread across India and also provide our quality products in the international markets. The product range of Ceramic fiber bulks has strong refractory properties. This fiber consists of pure alumina, silica, and Zirconia.

The bulk fibers manufactured by us have tendency to work in different temperature conditions. These products are used by various industries and manufactured according to the international standards.

The production of ceramic fiber spun bulk takes use of electric resistance furnace melting method with the characteristics of stable performance, long fiber, strong tensile strength, less shot, excellent thermal stability, clean and white color, etc. It is the optimum material for the production of fiber textile and also the perfect material for sealing, filling and insulating in high-temperature environment


  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability.
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Resilient up to high temperatures
  • Light weight, low heat storage capacity
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent sound absorber
  • Asbestos free


  • Raw material of secondary ceramic fiber products e.g. blanket, paper, board
  • Expansion joint seal
  • Temporary repair of insulation
  • Filling material of wall lining of industrial furnace.
  • Raw material of wet method products
  • Loose insulating fill for complex spaces and areas where access is difficult


technical Index

Classification temperature (°C)1260 °C1425 °C
Melting Point (°C)1780 °C1780 °C
Fiber Diameter (µm)2.6 ~ 3.5 Micron2.6 ~ 3.5 Micron
Chemical Composition (%)

Note : All
data represents typical result of standard tests conducted under
controlled conditions. As such, the information is intended only as a
general guide for specifications and design estimates